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Paving the Way

Personalized Brick Campaign

Paving the WayDriven by strong community support, the dream of a Rossville Community Pool is coming true. Now you can continue the effort with your very own custom engraved brick. Each brick will form the entrance and walk-way that welcomes families each and every warm summer day. Your very own brick will be a lasting donation that will stand for generations to mark your commitment to this community.

Download the Paving the Way Order Form

Mail the order form with payment to:
Rossville Community Foundation
P.O. Box 74
Rossville, KS 66533
Your purchase is completely tax deductible.
For multiple orders, please copy and complete the form.
One form must be submitted for each individual brick.
Messages are subject to the approval of Rossville Community Foundation

HELPING PAVE THE WAY – Official Brick Buyers (as of March 23, 2007)
The Rossville Community Foundation and the Rossville Pool Task Force would like to thank the following citizens and businesses for purchasing a brick and helping “PAVE THE WAY” toward the Community Pool.

Ginger Allen
James & Laura Andres
Eric & Alyne, Kennedy & Trey Anderson
Lois & Steve Area-Ashley
The Beach Family
Halle Bell
Jonah Bell
The Besta Family
Dalton & Haley Kelley (gift from Stacy Besta)
Jerry & Janice Bingham
In Memory of Jack Bird
Carolyn Smith
Camille Biswell (gift from Julie Biswell)
Chase Biswell (gift from Julie Biswell)
Connor Biswell (gift from Julie Biswell)
Alex Bird (gift from Sean & Brooke Bird)
Christopher Bird (gift from Sean & Brooke Bird)
Paul & Mary Brennan
Lyman Boursaw
Leonard & Judy Boyles
Linda, Lisa, Leann, & Eric Boyles
Shelly & Roger Braden
The Brecheisen Family
Eddie Brockamp (gift from Mark Brockamp)
Jamie Brockamp (gift from Mark Brockamp)
Mark & Barb Brockamp
Jan & George Brown
Todd & Kelly Brown
Dylan Brown (gift from Todd & Kelly Brown)
Rachelle Brown (gift from Todd & Kelly Brown)
Kristin Brown (gift from Todd & Kelly Brown)
Matt Buhler
Maura Buhler
Mitch Buhler
Marvin & June Burgett
Steve & Maxine Carver
Jacob Carver (gift from Steve&Maxine Carver)
Garrett Carver (gift from Steve&Maxine Carver)
Tyler Carver (gift from Steve&Maxine Carver)
Dale & Mary Channel
Jim & Ronda Channel (gift from D&M Channel)
Lyle & Ann Leppke (gift from D&M Channel)
David & Angie Channel (gift from D&M Channel)
Berry & Cara Craig (gift from D&M Channel)
Sherrie & Roger Christian
Ty & Tad Christian
Keagan Suitt
Ed & Vickie Claycamp
Tara & Sean Claycamp
Harold Couchman
Jo Anna & Dave Cowser
Juli & Curt Cuthbertson & Macy
Penny Jamvold & Tanner Cady
Joe & Karen Crow
Austin Bush (gift from Trudi Davis)
Davis Warton (gift from Trudi Davis)
Brock Bush (gift from Trudi Davis)
In Memory of Gene L. Davis
Kevin & Julie Dick
Wayne & Dianne Dick Family
Scott, Kelly, Ryan, & Cody Dick
The Donovan Family
Bill & Shirley Driscoll
Kade Perine (gift from Doug & Rita Perine)
Kinsey Perine (gift from Doug & Rita Perine)
Pete & Jo Dyer
Bill & Alexis Ebert Family
Dick & Jane Elliott
Enneking Family
In Memory of Jeff Darting
Alvord & Flora Family
Perry Foster
Amelia Foster
Virginia & David Foster
Morgan Foster
Elizabeth Foster
Kathy, Chris & Whitney Fox
Bob & Linda Gentry
Jacob, Derek, & Trent Gentry
Kim & Malcolm Gillum
Scott Gillum
Colleen Gillum
Bill & Ruth Godbey
Lisa, Lance, & Chris Gordon (gift from Jim & Ernestine Gordon)
The Dennis Hall Family
Kayla Harden
Mike & Cindy, Josh & Jamie Hansen
Dennis & Diane Hatfield Family
James H. Hays
Barbara Hesse
Burns Hesse
Bill & Delores Hesse
Deiter-Hess Families
Ken & Carol Hillebert
Dan & Jen Sweany (gift from Ken & Carol Hillebert)
Kenny Hillebert
Bennie & Sara Horak
Robert Huffman
Helen Huffman
Macy Gillum (gift from Robert Huffman)
Briar Gillum (gift from Robert Huffman)
Laura Gillum (gift from Robert Huffman)
Malcolm Gillum (gift from Robert Huffman)
In Memory of David Hughes
In Memory of Ila Whitlock
Laura Kelly
JD & Kelli Kenney Family
W. Darting (gift from Kenney Family)
Aaron & Linda Kelley
Lewis & Bree Kelley
Levi Kelley
The C&W Kerwin Family
The Kokenge Family
Wacey Kraemer
The Tom Lacock Family
Kerry & Teresa Lacock
Krew & Kerra Lacock
Jayne Landen & Loren Lawsen
Lobatos Dick Guillermo
The E. W. Lambert Family
In Memory of Michael (gift from Robin Lampe)
The Jeff Lampe Family
Bill Larson
LH Spears
Ruth Larson
In Memory of Edna Spears
Gerry & Ruth Larson

Mick & Barb Leeper
Ros, Debbie & Family (gift from Bryan Little)
The Lutackas Family
Kinlyn & Kyser Lundin
Ronald Lutz
Joyce Lutz
Ila Maddux
The Kerry Marney Family
The Martinson Family
Lori & Brian Hause-McCann
Luther & Edith McClain
Wes & Allyson McClelland
BR Johnson
Clyde & Fern Rogers
Marty & Jane McClelland
John & Betty McCullough
Tayler McCullough
In Memory of Cole Arnold
August Krueger (gift from James & Phyllis McCune)
Lakota & Randy McCune (gift from James & Phyllis McCune)
Margaret & Allan McCune (gift from James & Phyllis McCune)
Scott McKenzie
Jordan McKenzie
Nicholas McKenzie
Al & Christi McKenzie
Oscar McKenzie (gift from Clyde & Ann McKenzie)
Vesta McKenzie (gift from Clyde & Ann McKenzie)
Neil & Nancy McKenzie
Brenda Mick
Ron Mick
Taegan Miller
Craig & Eric Miller
Brad & Faye Miller
Belinda & Steve Morris
Bailey, Devin, & Jared Morris
Sharon Salyer Meissner
Caiden Musick (gift from Shelia Towers)
The Mitchell Families
Emma Ford Davis
Gina Newsham
Sheldon Newsham
Mike & Barb Newsham
Bob & Jo Copeland
Stan & Teresa Oyler
Charles & Gladys Parnell Family
Dean & Mildred Page
In Memory of Duane Parr
Howard Parr
Rhonda Parr
Shannon Parr
Kyle Parr
Rolland & Irene Parr
Mark & Sheri Perry
The Porter Family
Jean Roberts
Luke Rojas
Gary Ross
Marcia Ross
Jon D. Ross
Jodie C. Hatzenbihler
Craig & Lisa Thornburg
Jacob Thornburg
Hailey Thornburg
Denise Rietcheck Family
Mike & Charlie Schneider
Pat & Jean Schneider
Isaac, Riley, Jayden, & Gavin (gift from Brian & Jaclyn Sell)
Jim & Sally Stallbaumer
Evan & Lane Stallbaumer
Don Stockman
Mike & Darlene Stottmann
The Streit Family (gift from Stanley Streit)
Alan & Natasha Striet
Sierra, Emma, Julia, & Alyssy Striet
Chuck & Lisa Stum
The Sullivan Families
Vern & Janet Sumner
Schuler Family
Dave & Janice Sharp Family
Steve & Donna Swaffar Family
Lisa Salmon & Adam Sumner
The Trahoon Family
The Upton Family
Glenn & Violet Hause (gift from Wanda, Lori, Julie, Richard, & Joyce)
Esther Wehner
John Wehner
In Memory of V&H Lemon (gift from S. Westfall)
Ken & Sandy Wichman
Dick & Lynda Wood
Kelcie Kippes (gift from Charlotte Zerbe)
Tagen Kippes (gift from Charlotte Zerbe)

Brown Chevrolet & Buick in Wamego
Century United Company Inc.
Citizen Potawatomi Nation
City of Rossville
Davis Herefords
Doug’s Pharmacy
The Flowermart
Kaw Valley Limousin
LT Trucking & Trenching
P.E.O. Chapter HX
RF Refuse
Rossville Grade School
Rossville High School Class of 1969
Rossville High School Class of 2007
Rossville High School Class of 2008
Rossville High School Class of 2009
Rossville High School Class of 2010
Rossville High School Class of 2011
Rossville High School Class of 2012
Rossville Police Department
Rossville Township
Rossville Rustlers 4-H
Shawnee County Fire District #3
St. Stanislaus Knights of Columbus
Tom’s Tired Iron Farm (gift from Kathy Bahner)
Vietnam Vets Chapter #604 (by Rodger Beach)

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