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Can we bring our own food and drinks?
Patrons are NOT allowed to bring food and/or beverages into the facility.  Concessions are available.
Can we bring in floatation devices?
Small floatation devices are allowed but not in the deep end of the pool.
Do you have lifejackets?
Lifejackets are not provided.
What temperature is your water?
The water temperature varies during the summer as the pool is not equipped with a heater.
What is your dress code? Can I wear a T-shirt?
Appropriate swim attire is required.  T-shirts are allowed but must be removed to ride the slide.
Why can't there be rivets on my swimsuit?
Rivets are allowed on swim suits.  However, patrons with rivets on swim suits are not allowed to use the slide as the metal will damage the finish on the slide.
Is there an age limit?
Children under the age of six must be accompanied and supervised by parent, guardian or responsible companion.
How old do you have to be to go down the slides? Can we go down together?
There is not an age restriction on the slide.  Patrons must be 48 inches tall to use the slide.  Patrons must use the slide individually.
Do I have to pay full admission price just to watch my child?
Anyone entering into the facility must pay the full price.  The staff is not able to monitor who is swimming and not swimming.
Do you have a group rate?
Group rates are not available.
Do you have a snack bar?
A snack bar is available to the public.
Is it all outdoors?
The pool is located outside with a patio surrounding the area.
When is lap swim?
Lap swim is not available.
How long is your lap pool?
The lap swim area is 25 yards.
Do you have water walking?
Water walking is not available. Water Aerobics is offered Tuesday and Thursday for $3 per session.  See Schedule for dates.
Do you have birthday party packages?
Birthday party packages are not available, but the facility is available for private rentals. The fees for the 2-hour period during non-business hours are listed on the website or you may contact (785) 251-2600 for availability and cost.

What is your bad weather policy?
Shawnee County Parks and Recreation will decide if the pool is to close due to cool temperatures and inclement weather conditions. We do not have a minimum water or weather temperature policy.
What is your bad weather refund policy?
During inclement weather, patrons will be informed upon entry that in the event the facility closes no refunds will be given.
Can we return into the facility if we leave?
Patrons may return to the facility during the day if they leave.
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