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Rossville Community Development Committee

Morgan Hansen RCDC President

Meetings are held on a regular basis. Contact a committee member for dates and times.

“A Community of Excellence”

The Rossville Community Development
Committee is a volunteer organization that helps improve the overall quality of life in Rossville. The main initiatives of the committee include the organization of the Rossville Tall Corn Festival and Christmas Festival.

RCDC Initiatives

Annual Tall Corn Festival
Annual Christmas Festival

Rossville Tall Corn Festival


Rossville Community Development Comm.

Email address:
acebook:  RCDC Rossville
Address:  PO Box 712  Rossville, KS 66533


RCDC Meetings

Meetings are held on a regular basis.  Contact a committee member for dates and times.

- If you would like to make recommendations on a theme, band, activities, etc., for our festivals please contact a Rossville Community Development Committee (RCDC) member or attend a meeting.

RCDC Officers

The all-volunteer officers guide the committee in establishing goals and suitable projects. This is an open committee and any citizen of Rossville can attend. Meetings are open to the public and all suggestions or recommendations are welcome. Members appointed for a one-year term are:

Morgan Hansen, President
Casey Graves, Vice President
Sonia Dick, Secretary
Mindy Fiedler, Treasurer

Other Members

Kelli Kenney, Rachel Meyer, David Allacher, Ashley Brummer, Tina Dick

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