Community Swimming Pool


Rossville Community Swimming Pool

714 Main Street

Pool Phone: (785) 584-6306

Shawnee County Parks & Recreation 


Visit the Sn Co. Parks & Recreation website for more information on the Buhler Recreation Center


Visit Shawnee County Parks & Recreation or Call 251-2600 for availability

Swim Lessons

For information on swim lessions view the Shawnee County Parks & Recreation Catalog-To register go online at or call 785 251-2600.

Pool Size: 4,038 square feet

Pool Capacity: 248 persons

Deck Area: 9,800 square feet

Sunbathing Area: 5,400 square feet

Picnic Area: 2,400 square feet

Equipment Room: 815 square feet

Storage Room: 220 square feet

Parking Spaces: 30 spaces

Fenced in area: 24,400 square feet