Rossville Township

Rossville Township

The Rossville Township meets the second Wednesday of every month in the Community Center front office at 6:00 p.m. The Community Center is located at 420 Main. This is an open meeting and anyone with questions or ideas is invited to attend. Members of the Rossville Township Board are Diane Dick, Trustee (785) 584-6626, Lisa Stum, Clerk (785) 584-6755 and Treasurer, Randy Pelfrey.

Rossville Township Community Center

The calendar of events scheduled at the Rossville Township is now available online so that you can check those dates and plan your events. Visit us at the to check availability for your event. To add your event to the calendar or for questions regarding cost or scheduling contact Lisa at 584-6755.

Rossville Cemetery

The Rossville Cemetery is owned and operated by the Rossville Township. Questions concerning cemetery rules or inquires about lots may be directed to Diane Dick, Trustee at (785) 584-6626.