Shawnee County Services

Shawnee County Fire District No. 3

Fire Chief - Travis Thompson

Shawnee County Fire District No. 3 in addition to the Fire Chief has Duty Officers that are on duty at the fire station Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. One Officer is on duty each day. There are currently three Duty Officers each working part time in a rotating schedule

Duty Officers are responsible for routine maintenance of the station and equipment. They check the equipment each day to ensure that it is in good repair, operates properly and is ready for use. They clean the trucks and station and write burning permits in addition to responding to emergency calls.

Fire prevention and public fire education at the schools and daycares are provided by the Duty Officers. They also check blood pressures at the Senior Citizens Center monthly.

Administrative questions can be mailed to

Burning Permits

Any open burning in the City of Rossville or Shawnee County requires a valid burning permit. Burning permits may be obtained at the Shawnee County Fire District No.3 station in Rossville, located at 301 E. Highway 24 Trafficway. The station is open Monday thru Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The administrative telephone number is (785) 584-6349.

Shawnee County Sheriff

Shawnee County Sheriff’s Office provides the following services listed below.

  • Full time law enforcement services, including patrol, traffic, animal control and criminal investigative duties.
  • Service of criminal and civil process/papers
  • Neighborhood watch programs
  • Crime prevention/education programs, including anti-drug campaigns such as DARE
  • Drug enforcement
  • Apprehension of wanted fugitives

AMR Services

Contact Shawnee County Fire District No. 3 for information about AMR Services provided to Rossville at

Shawnee County Recycling Department

Shawnee County offers many recycling services visit Recycling Locations

Why Recycle...?

Cans: It takes 95% less energy to produce an aluminum can from an existing can than one from ore. The average American uses 142 steel cans per year.

Paper Products: Paper makes up 40% of the trash in our landfills. Recycling it saves natural resources and there are many uses for it when you get done with it. Remember, Wal-Mart will bag in brown paper bags at your request!

Plastic:Plastic is a growing, high-volume part of our wastestream. The materials recycled here in Shawnee County (#1 & #2) are being made into other containers and are used as fibers in products such as carpet.