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Notice to water customers

9/20/2022 3:08:00 PM

Please be advised that due to the increase in the number of water meter, lids and antennas being reported as damaged or destroyed in the City of Rossville the Governing Body will be adopting an ordinance to bill customers/property owners for the cost of repairs/replacement.

The City of Rossville has issued bonds in the amount of $119,000.00 to complete a project to replace all water meters within the City with meters equipped with antennas to allow meters to be read electronically. This service also allows the City to check customer usage to determine leaks and usage issues.

The installation required a grey disc (antenna) to be installed on top of the meter lid. Unfortunately, several residents have damaged or destroyed these antennas by driving or mowing over them or by other means that has resulted in replacement or costly repairs.

Please be aware that as resident/property owner you are responsible for protecting this water meter, lid and antenna from damage and will be responsible for the cost of repairs and replacement due to damage caused by the customer’s failure to adequately protect equipment. Minimum fee for repairs will be $100.00.


Thank you

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