Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to get water service started in my name in Rossville?

You may apply for service by mail or by coming to City Hall located at 438 Main. You need to complete and sign a Residence Service Utility Application Form agreeing to pay for water, sewer and trash service at the service location requested. The Residence Application Information sheet provides additional details regarding our city services. Positive identification is required when applying for service. If you apply for service at City Hall please bring your Social Security Card and one form of picture ID. If you are applying by mail complete the Positive Identification form and return with your Residence Service Utility Application.

A $75 meter deposit must be paid before the water meter is turned on. The meter deposit may be mailed with the Residence Service Utility Application and Positive ID form if handling the application by mail. We reserve the right to increase the deposit at time of application due to past payment history before service is established.

On your first bill there will be an Activation Charge of $25 billed to your account for turning water on and establishing the account..

Auto Pay for Water Bills: The City of Rossville now has the ability for you to establish automatic payment of your monthly water bill. Once the Auto Pay Application Form is approved and established, your bank account is automatically debited each month for payment on the date the bill is due.

Questions can be directed to City Hall.

On Line Payment is also available on our website using your checking or savings account, Visa or Master Card. A service fee and processing fee applies to these types of payments. These types of payments are also accepted in our office.

The water consumption on the bill is figured in hundreds of gallons. You can use up to 2,000 gallons for a minimum monthly water and sewer charge. Refer to Section 15-109 and Section 15-202 of the City Code Book for further information concerning water and sewer rates.

A state water protection fee is billed monthly on your account and is identified on your water bill as WPF.

What do I pay for Trash Service?

You subscribe to trash pickup at the time you apply for residential water and sewer services. Trash service is billed monthly to those subscribers using Shawnee County, the company under contract by the City to provide trash pickup. This charge is billed with your water and sewer charges.

When is trash picked up at my residence?

Trash is picked up every Wednesday. Recycling is picked up every other Wednesday. Shawnee County provides containers for trash and recycling.